Health, Nutrition and WASH

Challenges including preventing children under 5 years from acute malnutrition. This is critical because most mothers are not prepared to care for children with malnutrition when caring for healthy children is already hard due to lack of food, clean water, and immunization.

Protecting kids during an epidemic period is vital.  When there is a lack of clean water, cholera can spread with alarming speed. During crisis, the DRC lost many children due to not being prepared.  HHS is equipped to assist when outbreaks of deadly diseases occur. Its medical teams quickly diagnose and provide lifesaving treatment to patients, especially to children. Currently, HHS partnered with WaterStep to provide clean water using the M-100 Chlorine Generator to disinfect water, making water safe for entire communities. HHS urges its beneficiaries as well as the community to use the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) policy that was provided to them to avoid continuous and preventable diseases. This policy is easy and simple to apply as it involves cleaning and washing hands accordingly. In South Kivu, cholera break out periodically. $200(US) can provide the medicine and care required to save 100 children during a cholera epidemic.

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Many women lack a healthy start for their children. In places like Kabare in South Kivu, women give birth at home or in the street, which is dangerous to them and their babies. Most of the time they don’t go to hospitals or clinics because of a variety of reasons: they feel embarrassed that they are unable to pay for services, have no baby clothing, or the medical facilities are far away from their homes. If these women are offered boxes filled with daily hygiene items such as a baby soap, clothing, diapers, lotion, pads, and other necessities for new mothers, they will be more likely to go to hospitals or clinics to give birth.  The boxes will make it possible for mothers to have healthy and safe deliveries and provide necessary supplies mothers need to care for their newborns. $45(US) is enough to support 2 mothers during their hospital stay before they return to their homes with their babies.

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