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Helping for Survivors is changing lives Forming leaders who well carry the gospel worldwide .

Improving the conditions of lives in poor communities, especially those suffering due to different conflicts in the world through acts of charity. That is how God will take pity on the weak and the needy and save the needy from death. Psalm 72:13

Our Causes

HHS partnered with WaterStep to provide clean water using the M-100 Chlorine Generator to disinfect water, making water safe for entire communities. HHS urges its beneficiaries as well as the community to use the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) policy that was provided to them to avoid continuous and preventable diseases. This policy is easy and simple to apply as it involves cleaning and washing hands accordingly. In South Kivu, cholera breaks out periodically....
Today Women empowerment is a very strong term. It refers to the ability of women to enjoy their rights, freedom and get control over the benefits they deserve. Women should be able to manage their work at their own risk. Women empowerment also states that they should be financially sovereign and have the aptitude to raise their economic status.
The most important investment the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) can make in its future and its citizens is EDUCATION. Did you know that education reduces poverty, increases income, and boosts economic growth? Educating girls has a multiplier effect. Think about it. If we take this seriously and educate girls and women in the DRC, this will increase their chances of having a healthy life, reduce maternal deaths, and fight diseases such as HIV and AIDS, malnutrition, cholera, and other preventive diseases. Embracing education now will not only promote peace and gender equality, but also and more importantly will reduce child marriage.
We are a born-again Christian community called, Helping Hand For Survivors Ministry Internation( H.H.S.M.I) we are found in America, DRC (Congo), and Uganda Kampala. In congo we are in Bukavu town, in Uganda, we are in Kampala city at kasubi and in America, we are in Kentucky. Our motherhouse or headquarter is in Kentucky represented by a Man of God brother Jeff Stutzman while being represented by I Evangelist Rodrigue Nacigale Here in Africa....
Our Story
Who are we?

Helping Hand for Survivors was co-founded in 2012 by Kashoro Nyenyezi and Dr. Jean Claude Luhere . Each of the founders themselves are survivors of the atrocities by the militia during war in their home country of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Witnessing and living through the terror of Congolese war crimes………..

Our Story

Why Choose Us?

Helping Hand for Survivors exists to aid and expedite the recovery of victims in war torn communities. HHS focuses upon overall wholeness of the individual by assisting victims to regain strength of mind through teaching mental and emotional healing while simultaneously providing nutrition and medical services for their bodies……


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News & Updates

Animal Therapy – Helping Women in the Congo

HHS has been working for a few years to help empower women and their families by using guinea...
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HHS Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) program 2020

At Helping Hand for Survivors when we talk about Hygiene, we refer to behaviors that people can adapt...
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Helping Hand for Survivors response to Uvira’s flood, DRCongo needs your help

Uvira, DRCongo needs your help. As people fight the COVID-19, the flood ravaged the city of Uvira affecting...
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Helping Hand for Survivors participated in the Global Medical Missions Conference organized by WaterStep

WaterStep was once again invited to participate in the Global Medical Missions Conference last week. Our session was...
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Malnutrition is preventable.

Helping Hand for Survivors believes in good nutrition, which is the child’s foundation and development. Knowing that well-nourished...
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Glodi clinic in partnership with HHS

Helping Hand for Survivors (HHS) is grateful for the Glodi Foundation in Uvira for the services it has...
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Our Mission

Helping Hand for Survivors, Inc., exists to educate, support and advance the recovery and healing of stigmatized women, girls and children surviving and living in the poorest communities affected by conflicts in the Congo.


Our Vision

we envision the next generation in developing countries to empower and educate communities to become self-sufficient, especially women/girls and children.


Our Values

 Helping Hand for Survivors values integrity, accountability, equality, honesty, and loyalty.


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