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Jody Greenlee

 HHS Senior Advisor


Jody Greenlee worked as a Pediatric nurse in Lexington, KY since 1978, and retired from hospital practice in 1998.
She joined Children of the Americas as board member in 2000, and has traveled with this nonprofit to rural Guatemala for the last twenty years. The primary focus of Children of the Americas is to medically serve women and children of Guatemala by providing donated medical and surgical care.
Jody served as Board President for Children of the Americas from 2001-2009 and stepped down as board Vice President in 2018.

Jody started a nonprofit in June of 2009 for purpose of identifying and assisting single mothers of rural Guatemala with critical needs and economic development. Finding Freedom Through Friendship, Inc. currently assists 42 single mothers with food, housing and education fees for their children. Jody and the board expanded the program into Egypt in the Spring of 2017.

Jody has a six year history of serving as Board Chair for Lexington Medical Alliance Scholarship Chair; past history of executive committee of local high school PTSA board. She currently serves on the Executive Board of her neighborhood association. She serves as board member for CenterCourt COA board since fall of 2012, and Board President since 2015.

Jody is primarily interested in networking with other NP’s in Guatemala and Egypt to better serve our clients.

Specialties: Delivery of humanitarian services to citizens of Guatemala and Egypt. Management of traveling medical teams going to rural Guatemala. Networking donated care to surgical patients within Guatemala. Administration of nonprofits, information management and networking of resources in Guatemala.

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