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International Women’s Day Video Series

In DRC, like in all parts of the world, women in leadership must navigate sexist gender stereotypes when they are in positions of leadership. They carry the double burden of taking on most of the care-oriented work while being deemed less competent. In this video Mama Anastasie shares with us some of the challenges she faced as a woman in leadership in DRC.

The importance of mentorship, support and role models in motivating young women to take on leadership positions cannot be understated. In this video Kashoro shares with us the important role her mom played in inspiring the work that she does now with HHS.

We are lucky to be in conversation with Mama Anastasie who holds so much knowledge and wisdom from her lived experiences as a mother, a development consultant and a grassroots organizer, to name a few. In this video Mama Anastasie shares some advice for younger generations of women in leadership in the DRC and around the world.

Although sexism continues to be deeply entrenched in social life, women have been fighting for years for greater representation, involvement and respect. In this video Mama Anastasie shares her thoughts on how men have become more receptive to women in leadership today than when she first started taking up leadership roles.

HHS works to support and empower women and children in the DRC who have faced and are facing various challenges such as malnutrition, lack of access to education and separation from family due to poverty and conflict. In this video Mama Anastasie and Kashoro tells us the story of Espoir and Safi and how HHS has assisted in their physical and emotional health and well-being.

HHS is an international organization that involves volunteers from different parts of the world. In the spirit of international women’s day and the power of international and cross-cultural acts of solidarity and sisterhood, Shola and Sarah tell us about what motivated them to volunteer with HHS. If you are interested in volunteering as well, Sarah’s contact information can be found on HHS’s website.

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