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Need to help them get an education.

Hello dearest friends of Helping Hand for Survivors (HHS) DRC. As we continue to advocate for women and their unwanted children, today we remind you those children who have no parents and the need to help them get education.

When children become orphaned, the burden of looking after them falls on their elders such as grandparents. However, during this pandemic elders are among the most victims of death and as a result children are are left alone living in a dire and impoverished circumstances and that puts children at risk of abuse, child labor, earlymarriage, and miss the opportunity returning to school. As every parent in DRC is getting ready to send their children back to school in the midst COVID-19, their children are so excited to receive school supplies and uniforms from them. But orphans like these on the pictures don’t have a chance to get anything or even dream of returning to school because they have no parents. They also need education and should not be left behind.

HHS is dedicated to bringing change in their lives, but cannot do it without your help. We all know that good education can be translated into a brighter future for these children. It can provide opportunities as well as skills that will allow not only these orphans, but all children to break out the cycle of poverty and successfully bring about change and a bright future. Therefore, we ask that you please donate as they hope to return to school this October. Any help counts and will directly benefit these orphans you see on the pictures. May God bless you as you remember those in need.

Thank you!

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