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Glodi clinic in partnership with HHS

Helping Hand for Survivors (HHS) is grateful for the Glodi Foundation in Uvira for the services it has been providing to women in the region through our partnership. HHS is also helping Glodi to fight the Ebola virus using the bleach produced by the M-100 machine from WaterStep in Louisville, KY.

This equipment is being used to disinfect water and now the community around Glodi is enjoying clean and safe water. Below is the message of gratitude from the foundation.

The Glodi foundation for women in Uvira wants to thank Helping Hand for Survivors for donating the M-100, a water treatment device installed in our medical center Glodi. This equipment produces chlorine, bleach and caustic soda.

We have already covered 3 health areas 2 ports and 2 markets by installing the seals with chlorinated water at every entrance for washing hands, cleaning the premises of the medical centers, washing clothes and materials. This chlorine also helps us with hygiene measures in the response of Ebola and other waterborne diseases at these sites.

The need is enormous, but we are thankful to you. God bless Helping Hand for Survivors.
 Thank you again, Coordinator of the Glodi Foundation in Kalundu, Uvira.

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